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MUDListings.com is a Web Site dedicated to being a single portal wherein MUD players and staff can list and promote their games, give reviews for theirs and other MUDs, view forums posts from a number of other MUD forums / discussions and more.

Our aim is not to replace any other MUD site out there, but rather to offer services that either supplement other sites, offer redundancy (such as file hosting) for archival purposes in case other sites go down, and/or offer a single place where the services of other MUD sites can be accessed (forums, podcasts, hosting, etc.).

We are always interested in feedback to improve our services or add additional ones where feasible. If you have feedback please feel free to post it on our forums, or send us an email.


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Dark Pawns: Risen
J Jeremy
"Probably the most exciting, immersive and rewarding game I’ve ever played. It..."
Dark Pawns: Risen
"Few games grip me like Dark Pawns does. In a world..."
Dark Pawns: Risen
B Brody
"This game is so addictive i sold my house, bought an RV..."

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The majority of the MUD-verse conversation happens on Reddit.com at /r/MUD as the de-facto forum and Discord on the Multi User Dungeon server for real-time chat.

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