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Not horrible, just disappointing.

I tried my best to set a fair score for each category but I'm not going to restrict myself to writing within those categories because I'm not a big fan of review breakdowns. If you excuse my language I'm a big fan of the shit sandwich style of writing feedback. In other words if you must criticize something then stick your criticism (the shit) between two nice things (bread? mmm). Anyway, no more cussing. Let's begin.


Armageddon bills itself as a roleplaying intensive game. Its tagline is "Murder, Corruption, Betrayal". It is set in the harsh desert world of Zalanthas where you can't even get a drink of water for free. The documentation is extensive. So extensive, in fact, you likely won't be able to read it in one day, or three, or ten. This is not a bad thing. The more fleshed out the game world is the better it tends to be. Clearly Armageddon benefits from being over 25 years old as it has had all that time to form, and reform, and define itself. The idea of Armageddon is extremely good and extremely sound. It has a lot of potential, and undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands of people have found Armageddon fun at one point or another.

Creating a character is relatively easy. There are lots of resources available to a new player, including sample characters, a walkthrough, the helper system and the General Discussion Board. Picking a guild and subguild is easy. Writing a background is pretty easy provided you understand you are writing a Level 1 character here. Keep those origins humble.

Then you enter the game. There's a newbie tutorial that's helpful if Armageddon's your first MUD. There's a pre-game shopping area where you can gear your character up before they head out into the harsh world. Allanak, here I come!


This is where the disappointment starts to set in. You start in the local tavern's dormitory and wander into the bar. You're looked at. You try to introduce yourself. There's several people at the bar to introduce yourself to. And... nothing.

It's not like I'm talking to NPCs here. These are PCs. They're talking to each other. They're just too busy to talk to me. One of them is trying to get laid. The other is trying to play hard-to-get. The third is looking for an elf to beat up. The last one is wearing a hood indoors and is keeping to themselves. One or two of them look at you, sure. But they don't respond. They don't try to inquire further.

It's fine. I'll just give a prompt. "I'm looking to join the Byn, who can I sign up with?" The Byn is a mercenary group and the recommended clan for new players. I'm hoping that by the grace of God there is a Bynner in the tavern willing to recruit me right then and there. Wouldn't that be lucky? I can play a mercenary and learn about this deep game with some in-character friends.

Then I get my first response. "Sign? What do you mean by sign?" someone asks. Then it hits me. The stupid little thing I had forgotten. Most people in Zalanthas are illiterate. They can't read or write. In fact, for most people, it is a crime to read or write. So I try to correct myself via the out-of-character command to try to explain that my character wouldn't say "sign", that they would know people can't write, that he can't write, and he would use a different word like "join". "Sorry, I meant to say join!"

The response I got was out-of-character: "You said sign so roll with it."

Roll with it. Roll with it how? I made a genuine mistake as a newbie. I tried to tell them that I was a new player and made a mistake and would appreciate if it was just ignored this one time.

"Sorry but no. In-character actions have in character consequences," was the response I got. Generally, this is a philosophy I can agree with. However, these are my first few minutes into the game. Making such a simple mistake in my first few minutes of play, surely, was forgivable? Apparently not this time.

I hate to admit it but at this point I started to shake at my keyboard. All those hours reading the documentation and crafting a character, and my character could be arrested or even killed for saying "sign up" instead of "join" within the first few minutes of play. I moved my mouse over to the X on my MUD client and closed out. I'll try again tomorrow, I thought.

And, yes, I logged in the day after. People were, again, at the bar. I tried to introduce myself. "You were the guy that said sign up last week right?" By last week they meant the RL day before (1 week in-game is 1 day RL). Some completely different character remembered that I had made a mistake yesterday, although this was a week ago in-game, so this character had the words "sign up" in his thoughts for over a week.

I tried to work past it, then I closed my MUD client again. This time, I decided to spend time with my kids. I'll try again tomorrow, I thought.

I did not try again the next day.

Trying to ask for help was a nightmare. Between the spammy Discord, the unfriendly forum and the unresponsive live helper chat I could not get a word in edgewise. My introduction to the community was piss-poor and frankly I didn't expect it to get better than that.


It's nice that these features are there. It's nice that some players will be able to find them useful. It's nice that I got my character approved within minutes. It's nice that so many people are so passionate about Armageddon. Maybe I could give it another try sometime. Right now though I just don't feel up to it.

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rahnevyn Written by rahnevyn
January 04, 2018
Last updated:
January 04, 2018
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I can definitely see how the circumstances you outlined could be frustrating for a new player. For what it's worth, that sort of slip of the tongue about literacy is a fairly common new player mistake, and it is generally understood and forgiven by players once they realize they are dealing with a newbie who made an honest mistake. It's understandably disappointing that that didn't happen in your case.

Also sorry to hear that you did not feel you got the help you needed through the available channels. In case you weren't aware, the Discord has a separate "help" channel that is far less spammy than the main chat. Most helpers are also happy to answer PMs directly. If you ever decide to give Armageddon another try I hope you'll have a more welcoming experience.
Riev Written by Riev
January 25, 2018
I sincerely hope you give the game a try again, because you seemed to have the right attitude for it. And if you do, I want you to do me a favor (despite not knowing me at all).

If someone pulls that kind of crap about "You said sign so roll with it" again, the main website has a "request tool". Please report a complaint.

This isn't "oh its a newbie I'll forgive the mistake". In the game world, nobody would even know what "sign up" means. At all. Nobody would be "skeptical" about it, because they don't know what literacy really even is. If you OOC "Oh my god I meant join, I'm new", that's the end of it. Report them. And if staff say ANYTHING other than you are totally justified as a newbie to ask for that mistake to be forgotten, come back here. Let everyone know it. Because that's not okay.

We're not all that bad. The ones that are, are unfortunately able to get away with it because staff cannot watch everyone at every time.
Barzalene Written by Barzalene
January 29, 2018
Wow. If you thought those people were dicks, you were probably right. However, that sort of dickishness is not representative of the playerbase as a whole. We have never been a newbie friendly mud. There's a lot of documentation, a huge learning curve, and people not wanting to step out of character can sometimes make it harder for a newbie to break in. But this ooc idiocy is not the usual reception we give to new players. I think you just got really unlucky. Most of our players will extend themselves to help a new player. And even those who don't specifically try to help someone get acclimated, will give new players the benefit of the doubt. Everyone was new. Everyone has made that kind of mistake, most of us still make that kind of mistake every blue moon. Most people are completely wiling to forgive and move on. While it isn't particularly "newbie friendly" I think it's worth the effort to play, leaning curve and all. I'm biased. I've been playing here for fifteen years, and I like it.
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