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LabMUD Hot
(Updated: January 05, 2018)
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A clique of A-holes.

This MUD has real potential. It’s a new code base, in development that has a lot in common with RPI muds but far more detailed combat system and a few other changes that are improvements. At this time, it is very unfinished with large parts of code yet to go in place, but this review is not over the code state of the MUD so much as the playing experience and atmosphere of LabMUD, in that regard, LabMUD is abysmal.

The crew currently ‘running’ the show on LabMUD overlap the same crew that was on Atonement RPI and it shares all the same problems as a result. At this time the play atmosphere has been reduced to a small group of thugs that control all the guns and kill or abuse anything that doesn’t kiss their butts or ask how high when they say jump. There is no opposition, no options out., You are completely at their mercy. They are friends of the staff. They are staff themselves and at the exact same crew that eventually destroyed Atonement RPI by deleting the database while trying to grief players in a drunken stuper and it will probably come to an end

This is not a recommended place to play as long as it is clearly an OOC exercise by a handful of players that are in cahoots with the staff to create their own little ego boosting torture program for other players. What’s more, the staff lie. They claim staff are not allowed to be players but they not only are players, they are controlling the show and they get to read any other players
Applications because they are staff… This is completely an exercise in a self-jerking power trip by a small handful of very abusive player-staff.

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