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RPI MUDs 3510
I'm not the only thing showing it's age...
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Game mechanics and features:
When the game was young, the features were great and superior to those offered by other games. It's been a lot of years now and having come and gone from the game for over twenty years, as well as spent some time on other games that wax and wane in popularity, I've got to admit that the the game isn't aging well at all.

There's some re-hashing and cleaning up of old features, but nothing new that competes with games like Labmud or even SoI. The latest huffing and puffing is about guild changes, but as far as I'm able to tell, they aren't actually doing something new with this, they're just watering what already exists down to provide more, but weaker choices. The magick system not only hasn't seen new functionality, but it's actually been downsized and diminished from what it used to be.

Neglect isn't enough for those who mismanage the game, they've got to strip it down, too.

Game world:
There isn't as much of it as there used to be, but contrary to what a lot of these reviews tell you, there is still a lot to see out there. I knew a lot of the people who made those zones, wrote those descriptions and imagined up those cultures. They're long gone from the game now, but I know they, like myself, would be happy to know there are still people out there seeing and exploring them.

Skip the general discussion board, it was always a craphole and it's only fermented with time.

It used to be the staff existed to engage with players and make the game interesting. Now, it's nothing but a bunch of middle management types that haven't got an ounce of imagination to share between them. I'm amazed beyond all measure at how they can take something as rich with opportunities for fun and choke the life out of it, all while patting themselves on the back at a job well done.

Role Play:
There's still some good RP to be found, but like everything else that once made the game fun, it gets harder to find every time I give it another go.

It's hard not to feel old when talking about the game, so maybe it's time to stop.
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