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Genesis Hot
General / Hybrid MUDs 2670
I Recommend Genesis MUD
(Updated: February 17, 2018)
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Very well developed at this point. Huge world, increasingly active development / wizard community making many new guilds in the game and fine-tuning game-mechanics. Player community is welcoming and increasingly vibrant - wizards, mercenaries, thieves, mages, knights, rangers, priests, ogres, pirates, soldiers... I was a minstrel for a while. The developers built a solid web-client with an ASCII map display leading to a large influx of new players. An excellent tutorial has been put in place to learn the game mechanics.

Strict roleplay not required but certainly optional and encouraged. Really big game world made of various fantasy worlds like Middle Earth, Krynn / Ansalon, Gont, and a lot more totally original content. There are so many quests it's very rare to find people who have completed them all. Many people choose a neutral / solo / versatile approach though most like to be fighting together in tightly knit guilds where they can share gear and help each other learn and grow.

The population has been rising rapidly and I expect that trend to continue. New players combining with those from the early days of this 30 year old project. I agree with the first reviewer that this game can get addicting.
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