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Game Mechanics: Interesting combat system. Really confusing cure system with zero documentation on it, the idea being that you figure it out in-game by dying repeatedly. Crafting system is very lazy and many crafts you can achieve without any tools. You can branch a craft skill and just immediately start making stuff without any expected teaching done. You CANNOT learn a new skill or craft that isn't in your chosen Guild or Subguild no matter the roleplay done. You cannot change your stats no matter the roleplay done.

Feature Set: Interesting setting, very post-apocalyptic and kind of harsh depending on the role and location. Magic system looks pretty neat, haven't played with it yet because you need Karma to do so. They don't do account reviews for Karma, which is basically a Role Play Point which establishes you being seen as capable and trust-worthy. Karma is only given by Staff to their selected players. This Feature is what cost them 2 points for me. By reading their forums, following Discord, and then reading forums put up by players, you get a sense of extreme, deeply-rooted favoritism. I saw Staff in Discord themselves state that there are Admin who will just deny/close requests from Players they don't like and that So and So will never get Karma, or Karma is only for So and So. Seems really unbalanced.

Game World: SO SMALL. You have very limited options of where you can play as a New Player. You are forced to play in Allanak. It is hard to find a job unless you're wanting into the Arm of the Dragon (local soldier squad) or the Byn (local mercs). The Merchant Houses are difficult to track down and half the active players I saw on while playing were Nobles/Templars who didn't want to RP with the riffraff. So much shade is thrown on the official and unofficial forums about consolidating the game world to how little it is.

Community: Really, really unwelcoming unless you have a friend in the mix. They are toxic and hostile on the forums and worse in Discord. They can be extremely offensive, talking poorly of other races, political preferences, sexual preferences, and gender. They throw around completely inappropriate and derogatory comments about other players as well and Staff and their appointed Helpers join in. Really immature and makes me, personally, feel unsafe being there so I bounced.

Staff: Rude, flippant, and aids the inappropriate and offensive atmosphere in their forums and Discord. It is really, really bad when they brag about just closing Requests or denying them because they don't like a Player. The favoritism is rampant. You can see it in Discord when Staff flirt and praise this group of Players and are sassy and crude to another group.

Role Play: Lots of great and active players. I greatly enjoyed playing with those I met, even the ones who were super mean in-game but let me know in OOC what I was doing wrong and how to do it better so my scum could survive.

All in all. I really don't think the game is for me. I liked the setting and the RP I was met with. The in-game side of the game is great. The OOC side is really, really, really bad. I don't think its okay that Staff permits and encourages the offensive crap that goes on in Discord. I think it is really deplorable that they make fun of Players, sexual orientation, race, gender, or if a Player feels sexually harassed.
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March 14, 2018
I wrote a review here several months ago about the community, and according to this review, it seems like it's getting even worse, which is rather unfortunate. I'm glad you at least had fun in-game, but it feels like the community would still be a deal-breaker for anyone thinking of starting to play or returning to Arm.
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