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d20MUD : Star Wars
General / Hybrid MUDs
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I loved it so much I applied to become staff

Hello all,

First off, I am not going to try and hide the fact I am a staff member of the MUD. I have been a player for well over 30 years and have been an imm across multiple different games for a lot of those. I had gone away from MUDding for a few years and decided to pick it back up. I tried a few different worlds, from fantasy, to cyberpunk, to sci-fi, and then I stumble across this gem. Like all MUDs, it is still a work in progress... but... the amount of development, the depth of options provided, and the fact it is a d20 system all drew me in. The community, and the support of the staff made me want to stay... and in short order I became a builder... then I dusted off my rusting scripting skills and started working on that, and then this, and this, and that... The staff is actively working to improve the game and player experience... Something you do not see too much anymore on the older more established MUDs... you know the ones, the ones that have been around longer than I have been playing... I highly recommend you come check us out. I think you will enjoy what you see. And if not, let us know what you would like to see and we will try to accomodate as best we can as long as it makes sense and does not break the game balance.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Darth Liam, Destroyer of Worlds and Creator of Problems. Builder/Scripter for d20MUD

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