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General / Hybrid MUDs 4511
An overall amazing game with just a few minor, overlookable inconsistencies.
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Game Mechanics:

Sindome is a true roleplaying game that brings an extensive set of character customization options to the player. Unlike games where you are forced to select a rigid class for your character, Sindome allows you to customize your character by assigning a mix of skills. While there are some recommended combinations of skills for certain types of roles, it's more than feasible to venture outside these recommendations and create a truly unique character. Additionally, character progression is tied to roleplay, which increases the interaction between characters and ensures that grinding is not necessary or even useful. Other systems like combat and hacking are well fleshed out. Although some systems still appear to be in the works, there is quite a lot already available to play with.

Feature Set:

As far as minor features go, Sindome is quite extensive. The ability to customize crafted items is nice. The equipment system, which allows for layering and hiding certain parts of the body, as well as describing exposed parts, is useful and certainly better than having a rigid, single, unchangeable description, although the way it works can be a little difficult for a newbie to figure out at first. Overall, there's a lot to experiment with in terms of crafting.

Game World:

Set in a dystopian alternate future, Sindome's setting focuses on the stratification of society. The poor are forgotten, left to fend for themselves somehow or find a way up the metaphorical ladder. That ladder isn't as metaphorical as you'd think, with each tier of the city literally above the other. The introduction to the game leaves you at the lowest level of society, and it's up to you if your character has found his or her level in life, or wants to ascend.


Besides a few bad apples, the community is friendly and welcoming overall, especially to new players. It's a hidden gem of roleplay-required games: when certain RPIs are often touted as being the only roleplaying MUD with a high player count, Sindome in fact has a similar number of active online players or more every night, and is actually built on a system designed for roleplaying.

Like the player community, the staff do struggle at times with tact. But they are able to recognize their own faults and step into other roles for the benefit of the playerbase, which demonstrates to me that they truly care about the game and not about the power they have as staff members; a rare find in the MUD community overall.

Role Play:
Although some players can be more expressive than others, it's clear to me that everyone tries to have a good time in Sindome, and that everyone tries to play a consistent, fleshed-out character. I was impressed by more than a few players, but was never unimpressed by anyone. Just like a well-produced TV show or a well-written book, you have characters you enjoy and characters you tolerate as being a part of the story, but you don't hate the actors or the author.
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