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An excellent community with a near-perfect game.
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Shadows of Isildur is a roleplay-intensive game that stands out for its top-notch community, helpful staff, and active roleplay. It suffers from a small game world and a code system that is expansive but could still use a little more polish. The crafting system stands out as being extensive and extremely customizable, with the potential for many different types of crafts and designs. Crafts are also used to interact with the world in different ways, giving you a chance to fish, flush out small animals from burrows, and gather fruits and berries from trees. Though the community is somewhat on the small side, everyone is OOCly friendly and willing to roleplay. ICly, attitudes can vary, which brings variety to the game world and injects a lot of personality into the cast of characters that are around. Overall, Shadows of Isildur is a fun game to play.
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