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RPI MUDs 3754
I'm laughing at you, not with you.
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Game mechanics: It's only slightly more than you would get from the average hack and slasher. I noticed it crashes in spurts, which causes items to disappear and staff are extremely rude to players asking for replacements. Other players seem to be really excited to punish you for losing items due to crashes, which you can't get back due to the rude staff. There's no point in using their complaint system, because they just insult you behind your back with their friends in discord. Why would my character be punished for something that is exclusively a real world issue?

Easier to blame me and my character than to fix your senile dinosaur of a game?

Feature set: Nothing exciting, but I guess it qualifies as a blast from the past. If you're looking for an unforgiving game (in and out of character) that would have been considered backwards ten years ago, this is your lucky day! It lacks every token feature you might expect in our day and age and punishes you for taking notice - they're a cult-like bunch who obsess over their own imagined perfection and obviously, anyone who suggests an improvement needs to get nailed to a cross, pronto.

It's no surprise that there aren't more than a couple dozen people on at the best of times, when you carry on like Innsmouth 2.0.

Game world: I didn't get to see much of it, but walking in any direction leads to tons of identical rooms. It's a desert, I get it. That doesn't mean it can't have some defining features or land marks. The writing isn't bad, but it's nothing to write home about, either.

Community: They're rude, arrogant and delusional. You see it all the time in M* communities, but I've never seen something so laughable as this bunch of recessive trolls.

Staff: See: Community. Awful, mean-spirited and spiteful people.

Role play: There are some gems to be found, but no applied standards means a lot of people who ignore basics like periods at the end of a sentence or use "sry" and "ppl" in place of proper length words. The game is ruled by karma (rpp - with pretension) as a standard of trust and ability, but the people who have it are some of the worst I've ever encountered. The game could be confused for a hook up m* with how determined everyone was to get into my characters pants. Survival? Struggle? It's like happy hour in frat boy town, all the live long day.

Quick hint, desperados, but if you can't make the effort to spell please (boi, plz), don't count on seeing any other P-words in your future.
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