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I played Armageddon for over a decade, then got deployed overseas. After that long deployment, and taking some time to rest, I decided to check back at my old haunt for what roleplay could be found.

Over the course of the few months I had given Armageddon another try, I was shocked to see how far the game had fallen in the three years I had been away. The game's staff desperately removed Tuluk, a major playing area of the game, in a bid to push players closer together. But the player count has gone down. I remember times that I would see 50 to 60 people logged in at Armageddon's peak times, in the evening. But that number has fallen to about 20.

Further, the players that remain have become more toxic than ever. The game's discussion forum's active members usually promote self-serving ideas for the game, things that are not good for the game but for themselves. Actual roleplay is hard to find in the game, where characters usually focus hard on skill advancement while neglecting deeper character development.

The staff members are generally unfriendly as well. At the beginning of my character's existence I was told to submit monthly character reports on what I was doing. In response to my first character report for the first month of play, I was asked why I was bothering to submit character reports as my character was deemed unimportant, and was discouraged from sending future reports unless my character was doing something that required staff assistance.

Lastly, a player has started a campaign on the game's forum to write positive reviews for the game in an effort to recruit players:

I have to say that this appears to be an effort to game the system. Armageddon should be avoided at all costs. There are better roleplaying games with more players out there. Armageddon is not the top dog by any stretch of the imagination.
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(Updated: June 23, 2018) June 23, 2018
I'm sorry you feel like Armageddon isn't the MUD for you anymore. :(

But, to be honest, it doesn't seem like we're playing the same MUD because that isn't the experience I've had with Armageddon. Am I missing something? Peak times still hit 50 (sometimes a little higher) but has shifted later in the evening. I've seen an upwards trend with staff opening up information that wasn't available before - take the new classes, for example. The gung-ho approach of locking troublesome threads that seemed to be prevalent in the past is just that: a thing of the past. Some parts of the community are still questionable but there's a lot of good and constructive discussion, too. That said, I do agree with you in that roleplay can be difficult to find in-game. I've experienced lulls, too. Maybe sometimes I'm in the wrong place, with the wrong character, at the wrong time, but I feel like proactive roleplay is something the community and, admittedly, myself could work on more.

The thread you linked to encourages people who like the game to write a positive review. No one suggested writing multiple reviews under different accounts, etc. so I'm genuinely curious how you came to the conclusion that writing positive reviews is an effort to game the system?
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