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RPI MUDs 3990
ArmageddonMUD: A Unique Experience
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Let me start by saying… I’ve played ArmageddonMUD on and off since 1999. It’s 2018, now, and I’m 32 years old, still playing. About myself, briefly: I’ve done a lot of things in my life. I’ve been an English professor, a rifleman in the Marine Corps, a raft guide, a restaurant worker, a smuggler, I’ve been homeless tent-camping in Rocky Mountain winters, a legal cannabis cultivator in Colorado for over two years, and a MUD player.

I’ve been around long enough to see entire administrations of the game come and go. Unfortunately, some of those administrations were, uhhh, not as efficient as others, which caused problems.

Fortunately, with fresh content in the form of an entirely new class set coming in, along with a change in staff that has allowed relations to improve over the past two years, I believe that the game has changed course for the right direction and is healing itself.

You will not find another game like ArmageddonMUD. Permadeath, gritty roleplay, and the dystopian theme in a game where 98% of the players ACTUALLY roleplay (very little OOC) is something that simply cannot be replicated. It is not perfect, like any game, but regardless of falling short sometimes, it is an enrapturing, unique hobby; anyone interested in actual roleplay with severe restrictions on in-game OOC things should give ArmageddonMUD a try.

No, it isn’t perfect. But there is a REASON it’s lasted since the early 90s; it’s a fun fucking game, and, if you die, you’re dead, forcing you to play with caution and thoughtfulness in an exceptionally dangerous, post-apocalyptic world.

I recommend that new players to make a human warrior/mercenary character and join the T’zai Byn, a clan of outcasts, outlaws, and killers-for-hire who regularly take contracts and go on missions issued by Allanak’s nobility,templarate, and even individual players. It’s fucking fun, regardless of any OOC matters that you might read about.

Seriously: Give it a shot. With nearly 20 years of experience playing ArmageddonMUD and having seen it at its best and at its worst, now, with the addition of an entirely new class set, is a perfect time to make an account and start on roughly the same page as people who have played for years.
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