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RPI MUDs 3990
low effort review for a low effort game
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Game Mechanics 
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game mechanics: stock diku with some dated modifications and VERY limited emote system. combat is a joke. stealth is overpowered even compared to magick.

features: its hard to call anything there a feature. any and every other RPI offers more to every player. here you have to beg and boot lick for special apps that take up to two months, for options that karma players AKA staff discord friends get as normal gen options. karma players = kings of arm. new players = only there to be sh*t on by staff and karma players.

world: pretty good for ruckin' around with a friend, killing sh*t, but theres no reason to go to most places because A: nothing worth going for or B: staff dont want you getting to the stuff that IS worth going for and bomb you with uber npcs.

community: try asking for help, or getting someone to explain the disparity among player treatment. staff lock or delete threads, stealth ban people for being outspoken, but let their discord friends troll, insult and abuse others.

staff: worst of the worst. insulting, sarcastic, abusive, lazy. nuff said.

RP: i wrote my post with the same effort most people rp. f*ck grammer, f*ck punctuation, f*ck effort. kill spiders, get skills, gank newbs, sex sl*ts, badmouth your ic enemies on discord to build ooc support for murdering them. lolwin the game, then log out, then wonder on the forums why new players leave as quick as they arrive and there is nobody in your boring f*ckin social clans.

been playing off and on for four years and its only getting worse with time. new classes wont save the game or crutch dying numbers. neither will rallying the forum a-trolls to bomb review sites with falsified positive reviews.
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