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Very Addicting

Genesis is one of those games where you can grow so attached to something that some would say it might be unhealthy. It is a great combination of all your favorite fantasy settings and some amazing custom realms all wrapped up into one game.

Game Mechanics: The game is rather balanced though there are some outdated guilds and some that make you raise your eyebrow at. But the differences are no so glaring to where the game becomes unplayable or frustrating. The combat is smooth, doesn't feel clunky and sticks well to the roleplay theme by not using any numbers. The system can be a bit different to learn but I have come to appreciate it more than seeing "You hit for 30". Progression is a bit different as well, Genssis has what is called a Brute System. Basically, you have a scale and on one side is your quest experience, the more of this you have the more combat experience you can gain per kill because it lowers your Brute rating. And on the other side is combat experience which raises your brutality, the higher your brute the less experience per kill you get. All together it makes for a highly addicting system.

The quests can be a bit tricky sometimes as there are some syntax issues but with the many guides, forums, discord channel and ntell or newbie line the community is always helpful when it comes to quests. There will be quite a bit of grinding needed, even if you do all the quests in the game which is 300+ I believe. I have two issues with the mechanics of the game one is the racial stats as they can be a bit odd and restrictive. IE a Goblin is somehow the best race for a combat role and everything else pales in comparison. The other is the soft cap which has basically given the people who have played for 10+ years an enormous advantage that anyone new starting out can't really catch up to. And this, of course, bleeds out into some bullying, loss of RP and an elitist attitude that cares more about their stats than anything else. Now that's not to say you an another couldn't team up to even the odds of size, but there is an obvious issue with growth when you have a soft cap that allows for an infinite stat increase.

Features: The game has some really cool features, one of the ways is in which you choose your guilds. You get to choose a combination of four guilds a Racial, Occupational, Layman and Craft. This allows for a ton of different combinations and play styles which is really refreshing compared to seeing a Fighters Guild, Mage Guild, Thieves Guild, etc. Some love and some hate this feature but the saving of equipment is a bit different. Some items when you examine them "feel like it can last a while" which makes it a saving item that when you quit the game with it can be saved on your character. Once you log back in the item will sometimes lose that saving feature and become a regular item. Regular items do not save upon logging out and guilds have what are called racks in which all the characters save their equipment in. It can make it fun as people will spend the beginning and end of "Armageddon" or the resetting of the game which happens every two weeks gathering equipment to use for the uptime.

The bad side of the features which takes away most of the rating? There really isn't a crafting system even though Craft Guild is one of the Guild Slots. The smithing is extremely basic, super repetitive and the items you can make are quite frankly garbage compared to anything else you can easily get your hands on. There are hundreds upon hundreds of herbs but only 20 of them are actually of any use to the general player not including components for spellcasting guilds. And that's all there is. There's no fishing, fletching, carpentry, mining (You just buy iron bars for smithing from an NPC), leatherworking, animal husbandry, farming... nada. For such an enormous game it really does seem like such wasted potential to completely ignore any form of crafting in favor of grinding areas and items on NPCs.

Game World: The game is enormous with all kinds of different realms and settings that have all been brought together and mesh surprisingly well. You have more well-known areas such as Middle Earth, Krynn, Faerun and some custom areas such as Sybarus home of the Shadow Union, Calia with the Elementals and Calian Warriors or Emerald where the Ogres reside. The quality and depth of some of these areas is a bit shocking. For instance, in Emerald you can examine in detail just about everything in the room and go on and on and on. You examine something inconsequential such as the grass which you notice the dirt, exa the dirt you notice a footprint, exa the print and you notice a trail, exa the trail and you notice it leads to a tree, exa the tree and you see a hole, exa the hole and you notice a glint, exa the glint and you found a hidden stash of goodies.

Community: Amazing and always helpful, they can be a bit strict with the use of the ntell or newbie line as it is for help only and sometimes players like to try and treat it as a global chatline which just doesn't have a place in the game. Any questions about quests, guilds, what to do, where to go can all be answered rather quickly via ntell, discord channel, forums or even just running into someone in the main hub.

Staff: I can honestly say I don't think I have met a more involved, fair, helpful and friendly team of admin before in any MUD I've played. There is nearly zero favoritism, there are no admins running around with uber characters doing as they please, you won't find any staff that harasses players verbally or sexually. These men and women are all highly professional and very good at their assigned jobs. New content is always been added, guilds tweaked or upgraded and a member of the staff recently took over the position for events so those we are told will be making a full comeback just in time for the holidays.

Role Play: The curse of not having a game that enforces role play on its players is that well not everyone is going to role play. There are guilds that require it to join and then there are some that talk about how they'll brb they have to walk their dog. The community is pretty good about trying to keep things in character though, so it's not like you're going to be walking around listening to everyone talk about their favorite band, car, how their work/school sucks... but you will run into certain things that are not IC now and then.

All in all, Genesis is a great game, there are things that to me personally could be better but compared to many of the other MUDs out there I would rank it as one of the must try.

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