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1 year 1 day ago #284 by Fizban
Hello was created by Fizban
I'm pretty terrible at these introduction things. I debated just skipping it since most of the people that have frequented other MUD sites over the years possibly already know who I am. That's also true though for a few of the others that made introduction threads so I guess if they put in the effort so can I.

My name's Brandon and I'm an alcoh..

Oh, wait, wrong type of introduction. Lets try this again.

My name's Brandon, but in the MUD community people are more likely to know me as Drizzt1216 (MudConnect), Fizban (virtually every other MUD site), or Nauzhror (a name I've used ingame on some MUDs, but not typically on forums).

I've been playing MUDs since 1998. That's not all that long compared to some of the other people around here perhaps, but I was 9 then, so I don't really see how I could have gotten into the hobby much sooner than that. (Yes, that makes me 29 now, no I am not looking forward to my next birthday.)

I started out playing a MUD named Smaug MUD named Dawn of Demise as well as a circleMUD named Eternal Darkness. Both MUDs are actually still running to the best of my knowledge.

I started building on MUDs some time around 2000 or so and then began dabbling in C a couple years after that, and have worked on various MUDs over most of the past 15 or s years. The two I've spent the longest duration on in that regard are 4 Dimensions (was a staff member there for about 7 years) and The Builder Academy where I've been staff for, uhh, I think about 15 years.

The Builder Academy is both a MUD which seeks to help teach builders the tools they need to build on other MUDs, and a codebase which seeks to continue the vision of the circleMUD codebase.

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1 year 1 day ago #286 by Hades_Kane
Replied by Hades_Kane on topic Hello

And welcome to the club :)

End of Time - A Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger based MUD looking for players & builders!
eotmud.com : 4000 • www.eotmud.com www.facebook.com/eotmud

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