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How ArmageddonMUD staff collects the IP addresses of dissenting players.

4 months 3 days ago #321 by Mehtastic
As noted on ArmageddonMUD's Wikipedia page, many players dissatisfied with the game formed and now participate on an alternate community forum on ProBoards for discussion free from being silenced by the staff. I am one such player.

A few days ago I received a private message from a new user with zero posts on the account. Today I elected to reply, and quoted the post, only to find that an invisible image from loggly.com was embedded in the post. After doing about five minutes of research, I discovered Loggly offers a free tracking pixel service, that reports the IP address of anyone who views the pixel. Loggly offers this service for marketing and advertising purposes.

In other words, the person who messaged me wanted to find my IP address. I would be the only person who could view his private message; thus, my IP would go back to the Loggly interface and ultimately, the sender.

Who would want my IP address? Someone who can do something with it. On a forum about Armageddon, it seems the only reason someone would want my IP address is to corroborate it with a login history in the game. Thus, the main suspects are the Armageddon staff.

While I use a VPN to browse the internet, and thus my own personal data was not collected, I find this behavior abhorrent and utterly absurd because I am unlikely to be the only target of this IP-grabbing attempt, as hundreds of users frequent the alternate ArmageddonMUD forum. The idea that Armageddon staff appear to think it is reasonable to spy on another website's users and mine data from them is not only unethical, it is against the ProBoards terms of service. It is this type of behavior that spurred the creation of the alternate forum in the first place: a base desire to crush dissent and hold critics in contempt.


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