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Problem with Background Color Snippet

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10 months 1 week ago #375 by mmoritz80
I've successfully added the background colors snippet ( www.forums.dawnoftime.org/viewtopic.php?...highlight=background ) to my Dawn of Time MUD, Lands of Oneiro. There's one small problem though. One of the background colors doesn't work and I don't have a clue why not. It's the silver color that I want to use for my mountains. My goal is to change the in-game map output by adding background colors, (compare top w/o background to bottom w/ background):

<img src=" thelonelygamergirl.com/wp-content/uploads/background-map.jpg ">

Has anyone else implemented a background color snippet? Did all of your colors work?

Here's how the output looks. Notice they are all displaying fine except for silver `2:

<img src=" thelonelygamergirl.com/wp-content/uploads/background-test.jpg ">

I posted this problem on the DOT Forums back in January but that website is deader than a doornail. Hoping someone here is familiar with this problem.

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