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Alter aeon October 2019 Update

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4 weeks 1 day ago #401 by shadowfax
As our first order of business: it is my pleasure to announce the dates of this year's Halloween Havoc! This Halloween-themed event is something of an annual tradition and is our biggest and best event of the year. If there is any event on Alter Aeon that you do not want to miss out on, this is it!
The event will be for players of all levels, with content for both newcomers and old-timers alike. It will begin sometime on Wednesday, October 30th, and run until the morning of Tuesday, November 5th. Sometime that following week a new island for the continent of Gianasi will be released.
Major crafting changes in September include the following:
- The cost for splitting and combining metal has been reduced. The cost of smelting has been significantly reduced.
- Grips can be added to woodcraft bows.
- Nearly a dozen new weapons were added to metallurgy to emphasize differences in speed and damage between the various handle lengths.
- A new alloy was added: liver copper.
- Hone weapon is now directly dependent on metallurgy instead of forge simple weapon, so that hone weapon and balance weapon do not require you to be able to craft weapons yourself. You must still know forge simple weapon in order to learn customize weapon, however.
Job changes include:
- Having incomplete jobs save across reboots, except for delivery jobs because that wouldn't make sense with delivery objects not saving on logout anymore.
- We added five new 'gather' type jobs: lumberjack, slaughterhouse, fishmonger, ironmonger and skinner. These involve having to bring the jobgiver a certain amount of wood, meat, fish, ore or skins, respectively.
- We also added a 'job reject' command, that way you can disable a job that you have no intention of fulfilling so it doesn't keep showing up in your jobs list.
Here are some other changes in September:
- Sea encounters have a higher chance of occuring, and the cooldown between them has been lowered.
- Moondust can now be quite a bit higher level.
- Added an option for 'set keep <object>'. KEEP-flagged objects prevents it from being dropped, given away, donated, sold, auctioned, thrown in a fire and otherwise removed from a player's inventory. KEEP supersedes and replaces 'credit buy nosac', as it is completely free and can be toggled on and off objects as desired.
- The thief poison brew is now 'basic poison', because it conflicted with 'poison ivy' and 'poison mushroom' in the spell parser.
- Help pages now show the relative speed of combative spells and skills. Keep in mind many melee skills can be performed more quickly than the listing with fast weapons and equipment that adds attacks.
- The favor command now indicates when you have maximum favor, for better tracking when priest jobs will give you bonus experience.
- Your waypoint list will now indicate how much time remains for a temporary waypoint created by a 'hallowed ground' spell.
So, here are our plans for October (besides the event):
- All the major crafts will be able to accept a level argument, so you can make equipment of any level lower or equal than your own. This will allow a great deal of flexibility when crafting for other characters.
- The craft re-stringer will get a few tweaks for more variety.
- More sea encounters will be added, including a few more non-combat ones.
- We'll be rounding out jobs with just a couple more job types and call it a day.
For more information, please see our October update on Youtube here:

We also recently had an interview with Draak: coder, world builder and sound designer for Alter Aeon. You can listen to the interview here:

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