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Alter Aeon November 2019 Update

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The Halloween Havoc event may be over, but our next event is just around the corner! This year's Fall Festival will begin on Wednesday, November 27th, and will end sometime on the morning of Monday, December 2nd. There will be a corn-maze, turkey-themed pk arenas and teleporting mobs to hunt down!
Land Ho! A new island has been discovered southeast of the Island of Morjah. This new area, called the Isle of the Dead, is a level 43 group 7 zone for the continent of Gianasi.
Code changes from October:
- You can now brag and show objects, which displays an abbreviated version of the identify output. Great for showing off loot from tough dungeons or your mastercrafted projects.
- The Luam rune can now be channelcast. This binds light to a spell's matrix, causing it to poison demons and vampires, but it does only half damage to angels.
- All the major crafts will accept a level argument. You can designate the level you wish the finished object to be, as long as it does not exceed your own.
- Added a 'craft description' option, allowing crafters to spend a profession point to give a crafted object a custom long description.
- You can add grips to woodcrafted bows and longbows, and leathercrafted whips.
- 'Forge check' has been improved so it will show the purity of ores you have and also identify viable carbon sources for steel-making.
- Scales can be added to leathercrafted armor to increase its ac and add the effects of the metal. Scale armor will generally not be as protective as its 'forge armor' counterparts, but it can be rune-carved if you know firebrand.
- Various tweaks to metallurgy, including more accurate forging costs that treat leftover metal from forging weapons and armor at the same price point as splitting or combining metals, a significant discount.
- Seven new job types added: apothecary, wandmaker, clothier, custom retrieval, forager, quartermaster and anointer.
Plans for November:
- Guild jobs: starting with the Cartographers' Guild. Venture into the wildernesses of Alter Aeon to map an unexplored region.
- Fishing derbies: these contests will be held on Fridays, and whoever catches the biggest fish by the end of the derby wins!
- Two new areas: the City of Ironheart, a level 37 group 4 zone, and the Tunnels of Gorthic, a level 38 group 10 zone.
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