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Alter Aeon January 2020 Update

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3 weeks 2 days ago #406 by shadowfax
This January marks the 25th anniversary of when the game went live to the public, guided by a handful of college students in Fairbanks, Alaska. It has been our pleasure to entertain you all these years. We have come a long way, and we hope to go even further!

In honor of this momentous occasion, we will be orchestrating an event to celebrate. This event will consist of a special area with intent to bring a role-playing experience with several possible outcomes. It will be appropriate for players of all levels. The event is set begin on Friday, January 17th and end on Wednesday, January 22nd for the time being, although those dates are not set in stone.

Last month we developed functional automatic fishing derbies, which are held at random times every Friday, except during events. It was also arranged that the bragging and showing of equipment now works for all equipment types, including consumables.

The 'demon lore' skill is now critical, and the 'demonic tutor' skill has 'demon lore' as the sole prerequisite. This fixes our final exigency conflict, where an important or critical ability had an ability of lesser exigency as a prerequisite. As a special bonus, if you know both 'demon lore' and 'corpsecutter', you now have a chance to get special spellcomps when harvesting from the corpses of demons and angels.

Here is a preview of feature additions to the game we plan for next year:

Add music to the dclient and improve the interface to better reflect the player's current status.
Have certain shopkeepers offer simple services such as tailoring or improving weapons. This is not planned to be widespread or extensive.
Add the final planned crafting skills.
Create at least one more bonus class for events, such as Monk or Paladin.
Add social reactions from animals and sentient humanoids.
Implement the 'hunting' skill, which will likely be incorporated as an action-based skill like fishing or mining.
Add hirelings, which would be minions you can hire for gold.
Add random land encounters similar to ocean encounters.
Implement naval combat and naval trade. We've already laid out some groundwork for these.
Raise the level cap to 40.

We have plans to release many more areas in 2020 to create content for all different levels, such as:

The Palace of the Dragon Emperor, a level 41 group 7 zone for Suboria.
More islands for Gianasi, a level 43 continent.
Solo and group zones for the Nightmare Plane, a level 43 plane.
Port Crimsonia, a level 42 area, and other areas for Ramanek.
A dream zone for Naginag, a level 38 area.
A trio of areas for Archais called Dentin's Workshop, level 25 zones.

And more!

You can see our latest Youtube presentation here for more information:

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