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The Last Outpost - Border Wars

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1 year 3 months ago #327 by rahjiii
The Last Outpost is a long running DikuMud variant. A key feature of LO has been the ability to 'lay claim' to the zones in the game, and take over the world for your clan. The rules are pretty simple. Each zone has a claim style that determines the conditions to be met for laying claim to the zone. The most common claim styles are 'secure' or 'conquer', meaning you have to kill every monster in the zone, or you have to make the zone safe by killing all of the aggressive monsters. Having a claim on a zone gives members of your clan a significant regeneration bonus while playing in that zone, and access to a 'tax box' that fills with coins daily. The claim on the zone would last for about a month, or until someone else was able to meet the requirement to lay claim to it.

With the release of "The Last Outpost 3.0 - Border Wars", the claim game has been expanded. The initial way to lay claim to a zone is unchanged, but a teams ability to hold onto that zone has been updated. You can now potentially hold onto a zone forever, as long as you are able to maintain the balance of four key approval ratings with the zone: the Guild, the People, the Economy, and the Militia. In addition to the standard regeneration bonus, there are different zone-wide bonuses available for keeping the approval ratings particularly high- but be careful! Let an approval rating get too high or to low, and your claim on the zone is lost.

Once you have your approval ratings under control, you can build your zone's militia, and use it to attack and take over zones that border yours. Of course, those zones are trying to the same thing to your zone. Now you can expand your territory, and reclaim the Last Outpost through diplomacy and military action as well as with your own sword.

We are looking for more people to come play The Last Outpost and join in the border wars!


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1 year 3 months ago #333 by rahjiii
We've had the border wars code up and running for about three weeks now, and it all looks good! There were a few tweaks made to the way border raids are handled to better account for the relative strength of two neighboring zones, but the game is otherwise the same. The Clan of Solo Adventurers was the first to take over the whole world using the new system, and they are looking for some competition to try to take it back from them!

Here's a quick 'How To' if you'd like to give it a try.

Make a character, and play it for a little while to learn the game.

Once you are big enough to do so, probably around level 8, enroll in the IndS or another clan.

Go out and lay claim to a zone for your clan by conquering or securing it. That means either killing everthing in the zone, or killing all of the aggressive enemies, depending on the rule for that zone.

The next time the zone resets, a Governor will load into the zone.

From time to time, the Governor will have a problem to solve, and a decision for your clan to make. Travel back to the zone, and the Governor will seek you out for a response. How you respond will have an effect on the four faction's approval ratings- the Guild, the People, the Economy, and the Militia.

You must keep each approval rating between 0 and 100%, or your clan loses control of the zone.

There are zone wide bonuses available for keeping approval ratings above 75%.

If your Militia is strong enough, the Governor may present you with military options for waging war with bordering zones, but be careful! Border zones that aren't claimed by your clan can also wage war against your zone.

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