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Eylsium-RPG an ever growing very immersive and addictive world

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1 year 4 months ago #330 by Regnierknightblade
I'm not a god or an admin just an avid mudder from New Zealand , currently just trying to get the word out about this amazing mud I've been playing. for many years

an ever growing world consisting of 3 continents, 9 cities with a different race belonging to each, 16 guilds, 6 gods, and over 30 skills. All working on a custom calendar system where every real life year is 3 in the game. This is a classless and level-less MUD completely built from the ground up and completely run by the players.

The 9 cities are completely player run (outside of some very minor godly influence in the form of patroning), with one emperor and 8 positions (5 ministries and 3 helpers) for players.

The 16 guilds are completely player run. A large majority of them are auto-inguilding and most newbies will be able to join the guild of their choice right out of the gate.

---Skills--- There are numerous skills in the game (roughly 44 skill groups ) which you can mix and match as you wish. Many RP'ers will look down on folk that learn skills just because they are powerful or pick skills that have nothing to do with each other (for example, a thief-mage-warrior-bard -crafter) there are no restrictions on your set of 6 skills that you can learn. Each guild has 3 skills. You do not lose skills when you leave a guild (unless you purposely forget them). You can also learn skills out of guild (at +50% the lesson cost). Lessons are how you learn skills. You receive one lesson every 2.5 hours (although this can be sped up multiple ways) you are connected to the game.This may seem like a long time between lessons at first, but believe me, they come a lot faster than they seem.

---The World--- The world is divided into 3 large continents housing the 9 cities. Occid, the northwestern continent, is home to the dwarves, goblins, and orcs. Orien, the northeastern continent, is home to the specter and the Cyclops. Polaris, the southern continent (and the largest) is home to humans, elves, hamakei, and spawn. Skilled mages can teleport between continents using magical artifacts, but most people will simply choose to sail, using a variety of ships. Sprinkled throughout the large ocean are several islands, some of which hold powerful items that will give you assistance, such as a necklace that gives you more hitpoints or a ring that will let you locate people or objects. You might choose to be a fisherman and make your money by sailing your trawler over the ocean and selling your catch to the city of your choice, but beware as you travel the sea, you may encounter great sea serpents that are fiercely territorial, and will likely not appreciate your presence in their areas!

Our homepage has changed from the one listed on this site to a work in progress elysium-rpg.wikispaces.com/

come and try it out you may love it just as much as the 100's of other players over the years

A note from the writer

My name is Regnier Knightsblade , I'm the eldest member of the Knightsblade family , I'm a Human spymaster/thief skill-set who follows the teaching of the Seekers of Harmony, We currently help run as minsters the great Elven city of Tylorus And are always looking for polite active players to join us, We will bend over backwards to help you understand and Enjoy Elysium as we do , Elysium is a wonderfully coded game and is a joy to play.

Any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or drop me a message! or log in and say hi, I'm also pretty active on reddit , and Discord regnierknightsblade#0876 I can provide quite a bit more on how the game runs, but i'm never sure how much is too much .

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1 year 4 months ago #331 by Regnierknightblade
All information is what i believe to be real at the time of posting (bearing in mind i'm not a coder or a admin , so i only have a loose understanding of some things)

Elysium is a low fantasy midevil setting , think orc and goblins , not dragons or sprites . And swords and axes , not guns although cannons are present in-game

It is a unique code, but a lot of the core concepts were inspired by Avalon a lot of them are done differently though and it's really only stuff like balance regain which has direct comparison

Skills are not at all equivalent for example

Elysium is a time based mud (you gain lessons via time spent online ) though interaction with other players you can greatly lower the lesson times , these can be as simple as talking on the ooc or as hectic as combat with other players.

There are a huge amount of skills to pick from , You can train in 6 skills and then a higher learning skill. you are really only limited by how you interact with other players (i.e if you annoyed healer players they are less likely to teach you any healing skills)

These are the skillgroups which you have the potential of learning, either from guilds, other players, or npc tutors:

Acrobatics Alchemy Archery Astrology Augnecromancy Bludgeons Channeling Colourmagica Cookery Crystals Damnation Demonology Discipline Dreamsight Ensorcelling Farsight Fellblades Filidhism Fisticuffs Forging Furnituremaking Healing Herbalism Herding Mentalism Necromancy Preserves Pyromagica Riding Runesmithing Sewing Shadowcraft Silversmithing Songs Spellstaves Stoicism Subterfuge Survival Swordplay Taming Teabrewing Thievery Tracking Voodoo

There are also some other, special skill groups which you may gain access to later on in your life.

The good

The game is completely free to play. you cannot even offer money to the owner (I've tired)

We have an extremely responsive coder , admin and active gods (and order heads) who work tirelessly to rp in game and out (including me) as you would have noticed

We average around 10 players online in off-peek times. and can get as high as 20 in peek times (11 at the time of posting)

We have 3 New Zealanders actively playing . Hands down the greatest Rp nation in the world

We have an active community face-book page with over 40 members

promotion , I'm here i'm there i'm everywhere , although i do get burnt out. i'm on many forums, trying. I also listen , to the good and the bad and pass it on. I pride myself on not pigheadedly defending things " just because that is the way its always been"

The bad

Remembrance of a toxic community , Elysium had problems big problems. skills where exploited , bugs where exploited , Alt abuse was rampant. Admins did not do a good enough job of dealing with the issues. I was there. it wasn't good. I spoke out about it then. and i will continue to speak out about it now. That was years ago , but the memory sits bad with some people. i understand this and fully get it. Elysium players can get really emotional , its a blessing and well as a curse. But nowadays the community is completely changed as i listed above , we are aware of what it was and we won't go back there.

small player-base , i feel its a struggle for most muds , i'd love to get it higher. apart from promoting i'm at a lost of what to do next.

Unresponsive players (aka idling) at certain times there is a lot of ilding. I hate it , its a bugbear of mine. I generally don't rp with people i consider to be chronic idlers. We get around it by having an ooc channel and an active Facebook page. its generally only a thing late american time.

hopefully this provides a bit more factional information on Elysium. i'm not sure i planned to write this much , and hope i didn't make too much of a hash of it.

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