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Double Exp, Super Regen & more at End of Time this weekend! *Happy Labor Day!*

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10 months 3 weeks ago #350 by Hades_Kane
Happy Labor Day!

Through Monday we're going to be running double exp, along with working up a "server flag roulette" where things such as double exp, super damage, super regen, death ward, overdrive mode, etc. will be randomly toggled through.

We're a Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger based MUD with an emphasis on feeling like a text based, multiplayer JRPG. Familiarity with the games in our theme is not necessary to play and enjoy!

port 4000

www.eotmud.com * www.facebook.com/eotmud * discord.gg/ed9pqaM

End of Time - A Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger based MUD looking for players & builders!
eotmud.com : 4000 • www.eotmud.com www.facebook.com/eotmud

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