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Alter Aeon October 2018 Update

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9 months 2 weeks ago #353 by shadowfax
It's once again time for the game's big league fall event: Halloween Havoc! This will be the eleventh such event, and it will be the best one yet! Halloween Havoc will begin on Saturday, October 27th and will run until Monday morning of November 5th. Our buildings teams have many surprises planned for this event, so don't miss out on the fun! They will be releasing another addition to the Nightmare Plane called The Caverns of Torment, which will consist of two racks of level 43 group 10 areas.

A new version of Mush-Z has recently been released! Mush-Z is a MUSHclient expansion pack for playing Alter Aeon designed specifically for the visually impaired. This new version features more sounds and filters for crafting among its many improvements. You can download it now from www.mush-z.com .

Improvements we saw last month include:

- We had additions to the area command, allowing players to list areas that are cities, and areas where the majority of the inhabitants are either evil or good.
- We also saw a lot of crafting refinements, such as leathercraft and dragonscale armor restringing. Also, now leathercrafted containers use a different algorithm for calculating capacity, so large containers such as packs now hold much more, especially if they have a high quality bonus
- The code that governs the names of dragonscale is now hooked into the metallurgy, lapidary and crafting color tables. This will allow more variety in dragonscale armor names, and a few special bonuses to certain kinds of dragonscale armor.
- Woodcrafted items now smell and taste like the wood they are made from, and soft wood types are less prone to breaking when crafted by players with lower levels of skill.
- Clans can now set up forges in their clan areas.
- We added a profession point leaderboard.

This month we plan on getting the ocean populated with sea creatures and system-owned ships. Once this is complete, you'll be able to see what is nearby using the 'scan' command while on your ship. After that we'll work toward interaction with oceanic entities, which will include naval combat!

For more information, please listen to our October update on Youtube:


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