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Alter Aeon February 2019 Update

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3 months 1 week ago #372 by shadowfax
Last month we celebrated Alter Aeon's 24th anniversary! It is our sincere hope that everyone who was able to participate in the anniversary event had a good time. Our next worldwide event will be in March.

In January we saw the following additions to the code:

- a level 26 druid skill 'wickercraft', so you can finally do something with those bundles of sticks you keep gathering

- a level 38 druid skill 'wicker effigy', for a bit of voodoo flavor

- a level 38 warrior skill 'indomitable will', which allows warriors to break free from immobilizing effects such as entangling roots and prison spells

- the reorganizing of warrior weapon improvement skills, which places 'hone weapon' at level 16

- a level 38 necromancer spell 'coffin', for weaponizing prison spells

- a level 38 necromancer skill 'infernal visage' that turns you into a romping, stomping demon creature

* and *

- additional options to 'consult demon' to help find objects for jobs or change alignment

You can now specify a direction when scanning. Carried containers can now be emptied into other carried containers, or onto tables. A 'rune' command was added for looking up runewords, and the 'preservation' spell now works on harvested bones and skins.

Upcoming February additions to the code will include:

- the option to split spellcomps, herbs, and most other splittable items into specific amounts

- small tweaks to metallurgy for more variety in jewelry stats

- changes to the 'soulsteal' spell to make it easier to use and more fair in groups

- additional level 38 abilities, probably for the mage class next

And much, much more!

In the building department, we had two new areas released last month:

- Cliffside Island, a level 43 group 4 zone for Gianasi

- Ishi Province, a level 41 zone for Suboria

Our building teams are working toward a number of new areas for all different level ranges. For more information, please see our Youtube presentation at

We're also making a renewed effort at keeping the Alter Aeon wiki relevant. You can visit the wiki at wiki.alteraeon.com

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