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MUD Staffing and Promotions 41 topics


MUD Promotions 37 topics

** Advertising For Players is Allowed in this area!! **
This board is for mud administrators and players alike to post promotional material about their muds. People seeking new muds to play may also post here with their requirements. Advertising for staff is NOT permitted in this forum. Players that are interested in the game being promoted are welcome to post comments.

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The Lands of Aethar are still ...
by aethar
3 days 14 hours ago

MUD Staffing 4 topics

** Advertising For Staff is Allowed in This Forum Area!! **
This board is for mud admins/staff to advertise for staffing positions such as builders, coders, admin, imms, etc. People seeking staff positions may also post an online resume here to help find a mud to work on. Advertising for players is not permitted on this board. Posting criticisms of the original request for staff/employment area not permitted.

Moderators: Gicker, Hades_Kane, Tijer, MGrunbaum
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