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Ember Online - Writers Needed to Help Shape an Established World!

1 year 2 weeks ago - 1 year 2 weeks ago #318 by NiteHawk
Ember Online ( https://ember-online.com ) an established graphical MUD, is seeking out individuals willing to donate their time to show off their writing skills by helping to build up our core story line. While we are similar to games such as Realms of Kaos and Nightmist, we are striving towards surpassing them in both game-play and story line and as such, we need your help!

About Ember Online:
Our world is constantly growing, but at the current time sits at about 10,000 rooms. Most of which are explore-able, currently. We have a fairly large registered player-base as well as an active community, as well as a dedicated development team. While we do happen to have a good sub-story going on, we need an overarching story line to tie everything together into a true world story and this is where you, as the writer we’re looking for, will come in. You’d have a nearly clean slate, barring a few key points that we want to keep, in order to really make the lore your own.

Why we need You:
A robust story line will help our development team create a more tied together world, with regards to quests, areas, towns, npc’s, and items. This requires someone with the time and willingness to work in what we need to keep in game, while still really making the lore their own. While our team does have people who can, and do, write on it there isn’t any one person or team of people to really focus completely on just the lore side of things.

What You’ll Get Out of It:
While it is a volunteer position, your writing will be on display on the game’s forum, wiki, and will be used as reference material for the development team as they build the world around it. It will be out there, in the world, for many people to read, enjoy, and use.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please private message me on Discord @Valleriani#1103 , or come and visit our Discord - https://discord.gg/xVcX82u You can also reach me at my email, chris (at) chrisvall.com

We hope to hear from you soon!
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