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Posting Reviews

6 months 4 weeks ago - 6 months 4 weeks ago #264 by Gicker
Posting Reviews was created by Gicker
Hello all,

I feel it necessary to make a couple of statements about submitting MUD reviews here on MUDListings.

The first is that, when rating a game, you need to at least appear to be honest about it. If you've had problems with the staff and/or community of a game, and you rate game mechanics, feature set and game world all super low... that's not an honest review. I can understand there's a lot of emotion involved sometimes, but reviews need to honest and legitimate. So tank them on staff and community, if you like, but try to be objective when rating the other aspects of the game.

Secondly, personal attacks are not allowed. I'm not saying you can't call out specific staff members or players, but there's a fine line between criticism and outright personal attacks. I mean I saw on one review that the reviewer made a derogatory comment about one staff having cancer and another with autism. I'm sorry but that simply won't be tolerated.

So please, no matter how bad your experience on a MUD might have been, if you're going to leave a review and have it stand, you need to follow the rules above.



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