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Dragonball Z - Intergalactic Warriors

Dragonball Z - Intergalactic Warriors


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Dragonball DragonballZ DBSuper
Created Date
May 01, 2011
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Yes, Open PvP
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Role Play Encouraged
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Based on Character's Skill
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All Original
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** Welcome to Dragonball Z: Intergalactic Warriors ** 
| SMAUG 1.4: Thoric (Derek Snider) with Altrag, Blodkai, Haus, Narn, Scryn, | 
| Swordbearer, Tricops, Gorog, Rennard, Grishnakh, Fireblade and Nivek. | 
| Original MERC 2.1 By: Hatchet, Furey, and Kahn. Original DikuMUD By: | 
| Hans Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert & Sebastian Hammer | 
| DBZIW 2.5 Created By: Ryan Grant (Sev) | Create a NEW Character 
:--------------------------------------------' (Type NEW and press ENTER) 
| Contact me VIA Skype: Reketsu | 
'----------------------------------' Please enter your Name:- 

Hello and welcome to Dragonball Z: Intergalactic Wars 

Our mud is one of a kind PK Deathmatch type mud, based off of the old style Dragonball Z World game from the Late 90's that we all loved. 

You can grind your pl to the maximum of 150,000,000 via PVE or you can go at it in head to head battles via PVP. RP your power higher if you wish to RP (RP Encouraged). The game starts out at whats called IRC ( The Intergalactic Recall Center ) it puts you through a training facility ( this is a subject to change in the near future. ) and a few quests before letting you out into the world to get the full mud experience. 

Some features of the mud are: 

Battle Experience System ( The ability to become stronger through battle / PK ) 
Interstellar Travel aka Spaceships 
Instant Transmission ( Grouped instants if you're grouped ) 
Scouters giving Maps to players when worn ( no nasty descriptions to read with a "help legend" file) 
PK Stats on WHOLIST 
Bounty System 
Dragonball Hunts ( Earth only atm / Blacks Star DBalls soon ) 
Bonus Gains 
Items Stay on Death - Clan items are DeathROT 

The list goes on. If you're interested and have any questions, feel free to log on the mud and ask an admin or any player for that matter lots of questions everyone's friendly. 

Thanks, Reketsu (Seventeen)

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