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Wheel of Time

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Open since 1993, WoTMUD IV, The Wheel of Time MUD is the most popular MUD based on the 'Wheel of Time' novels by Robert Jordan. 100% unique you'll find no stock zones, mobs or features anywhere here. Our game philosophy is to leave the choice of the type of game that you wish to play up to you: we're a good old-fashioned mud with as few rules as is reasonably possible. 

o We have Robert Jordan's personal permission to run a MUD with this theme. 
o For pkillers, The Wheel of Time MUD is set amidst a three-way race war, each race having its own defined 'homeland' and boundary. 
o For the explorer, The Wheel of Time MUD has more than 350 zones each checked for accuracy against the books. No stock here at all. 
o For roleplayers, The Wheel of Time MUD's 50+ clans includes almost every faction that you would expect to find in the books. 
o For socialisers, The Wheel of Time MUD is a large, busy & talkative mud, which peaks at more than 70 people connected! 
o For adventurers, The Wheel of Time MUD has different topical quests for every clan with large global quests determining the fate of the world. 

To let others speak for us: 

o The Wheel of Time has been a Mud Connector 'Mud of the Month' 
o 'The Bee's Knees' (games.com), 
o 'The Internet at it's best' (freelaunch.com) 
o 'A Killer World' (about.com) 
o 'A Must See' (wheeloftime.org). 
o 'If you are interested in Role Playing and the Wheel of Time, then The Wheel of Time mud is definitely a place you should check out.' (dragonmount.com)


MUD Theme
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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Books
Created Date
June 01, 1993
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Yes, Open PvP
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Based on Character's Level
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All Original
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Generally Adult Oriented


Wheel of Time

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4.5  (1)
4.5  (1)
4.5  (1)
4.5  (1)
4.5  (1)
4.5  (1)
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Nothing has ever been truer to the Wheel of Time than Brandon Sanderson's adaptation of the end of the series-- A close second is Wheel of Time MUD. Following Jordan's vision is no easy task, but this MUD, over the years, has always pleasantly surprised me. Time and time again, I come back to see what I can see, and time and time again, this MUD impresses me. I would give it all 5 stars, but Sanderson has me spoiled. Wheel of Time MUD takes what makes WOT great and makes it fun and interactive for anyone who logs on, without falling into the aimless wandering that claimed so many of Jordan's books. Truly a masterpiece.

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