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The Last Outpost



Codebase Details
[Dikumud] Started with Diku Gamma 0.0 in 1991
Created Date
July 01, 1992
Average Online
MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Opt-In
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ANSI Color?
Role Play Model
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Character Progression System
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  • Based on Character's Skill
Clans Offered?
Pay to Play?
100% Free
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Screen Reader Friendly?
World Originality
All Original
Number of Rooms in Open Zones
Game Maps
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  • In Game

"Three generations ago, The Empire was overrun. The Last Outpost, a small coastal trading community located deep in the wild, was spared from most of the fighting and survived. Life in the Outpost is not easy, and many of the finer things from the old Empire are absent. The residents of the Outpost are descended from the survivors of The Fall, a tough and adventurous breed. They are well suited to the task of reclaiming the land once tamed by their forefathers." 

The Last Outpost has a large unique world, player elected clan membership, player regulated pvp, and a hands-off policy for gods. It is a mix of traditional hack-and-slash game play and quest driven exploration. 

Along with exploring and advancing through the game world, The Last Outpost offers players the ability to lay claim to the zones that make up the land. Once claimed, a zone can be taxed, and the player making the claim gets to decide the player killing policy within the zone. Whoever claims the whole world is declared the Leader of the Last Outpost! 

The game accepts both IPv4 and IPv6 connections, and has a built in shell-like CLI with arrow history, hotkeys, and tab completion. Connections made through the last-outpost web page are SSL encrypted for privacy. Additional mud client software is not required to play the game, but is supported. 

Whether you enjoy hack 'n slash, following quests, PvP, NPK, playing in clans, or soloing, the Last Outpost has it. 

Come slay with us! 

Recent Updates:


Political scientists from the west have been recruited to educate our local zone governors. As such, there are now more options available for the day to day management of zone resources.

Travelers from the North report that the ancient Highpoint Light Station can be seen burning again at night, guiding the ships that ply the ocean. Some feel that this is a strange sign, as there have been no reports of new shipping in some time.

Have fun!

03.09 - Fixed bug in treasuremap (180814)
03.08 - Fixed eq all bug showing pack (180808)
03.07 - Cleaned up pack listing (180627)
03.06 - Added civic government options (180515)
03.05 - Tweaked border war timing (180507)
03.04 - Changed food and drink to a bonus (180429)
03.03 - Governors can be summoned with a shout (180422)
03.02 - Added Highpoint zone (180419)
03.01 - Tweaked border war rules (180415)


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