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Advanced Universe: Ressurection

Advanced Universe: Ressurection


Codebase Details
[SWR] AUv1 (FoteFUSS)
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Created Date
July 01, 2011
Average Online
MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Restricted
Equipment Saved?
Quests Available?
Character Approval Required?
ANSI Color?
Role Play Model
Role Play Enforced (Communication Channels Only)
Character Progression System
Based on Character's Level
Clans Offered?
Is Your MUD Hiring?
Crafting System?
World Originality
Mostly Stock
Number of Rooms in Open Zones
Game Maps
Adult Oriented?
Is your game geared towards adult in any of the following criterion?
  • General Sexually Oriented Material
  • Graphic or Explicitly Described Violence

It has been fourteen years since The Battle of Yavin (14 ABY). Emporer Palpatine is deceased, as is Darth Vader. The New Republic has begun to take a considerable advantage in this First Galactic Civil War. Slavery has been deemed illegal buy The New Republic, and Droids have decided to assume themselves as sentient beings and are beginning to free themselves from slavery. The Empire is a fraction of its former self, and members of that military are hoping for a new leader to set The Empire in a proper direction. Times are very profitable now for the merchants of the inner starsystems, as long as they don't care to whom they deal their wares. It is now up to each individual to decide where the galaxy is heading. Each individual has the power to tip the scales in the direction of their chosing.

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