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Aadarian Realms

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[Rot] Aadarian Codebase
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September 01, 2014
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Yes, Restricted
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Auto Quests
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Role Play Model
Role Play Accepted
Character Progression System
  • Based on Character's Level
  • Based on Character's Skill
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  • Class
  • Level
  • Race
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100% Free
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Create New Items
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Mostly Stock
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Graphic or Explicitly Described Violence

Aadarian Realms may share the name of a MUD originally created by Shimtis, but we are based upon the Age of Damnation codebase created by Shryp.

Aadarian Realms is a fast paced mud with 101 Levels, 16 races and 38 classes over 4 Tiers.

We feature the following classes:

Tier 1: Mage, Ranger, Cleric, Warrior, Druid, Acolyte, Thief and Witch.
Tier 2: Wizard, Strider, Priest, Gladiator, Sage, Lich, Rogue and Wiccan.
Tier 3: Archmage, Hunter, Bishop, Knight, Hierophant, Necromancer, Assassin
and Warlock.

With our Tier 4 Classes:
Sorceror, Nomad, Tracker, Cardinal, Healer, Champion, Guardian, Warden, Ghoul,
Torturer, Outlaw, Enforcer, Spellbinder and Psychic.

Every single skill has been meticulously gone through and re-balanced. Every single
class and race has been looked at, and racial skills added, special stats modified, and
much much more done.

Aadarian Realms features:

• Completely Automated clan system.
• Run command to easily travel between areas.
• 2 Automated Quest Systems.
• Player Crafting.
• Artifact Items - Levelling items, which are able to be updated.
• Warzone Area - Player Killing Area giving specific rewards.
• Devote - Gain extra stats.
• Hero EQ - spread through-out the world.
• Storage - Keep your special objects safe.

We are currently working on the overall balance of the MUD, going for an older school feel, where things aren't quite as powerful as they once were, Combat is being overhauled the overall outcome of this will be a far fairer more balanced MUD!

The long awaited achievements system has had lots of work done to it, we now have many more achievements!

There is currently work on re-doing some of the classes, to make them more unique to Aadarian Realms. With the addition of new un-seen (on Aadarian Realms) ones too!!

Lots of annoying bugs have also been fixed over the past few months, we still want any reports of any further bugs reported so they can also be fixed.

If you want a MUD where player ideas are taken seriously, then Aadarian Realms is the place for you. Give us 15 minutes of your time, and those 15 minutes could end up being hours!

Tijer and Rayal.


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