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Alter Aeon

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Alter Aeon


Codebase Details
DentinMud 2.25
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Created Date
January 15, 1995
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MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Opt-In
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Quests Available?
  • Auto Quests
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Character Progression System
  • Based on Character's Level
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  • Class
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Pay to Play?
100% Free
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  • Create New Items
  • Custom
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All Original
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Multi-class medieval fantasy game actively developed since 1995.

Alter Aeon is a custom multiclass mud, set in an ancient realm of swords and sorcery, with scattered light horror elements and a bit of humor. The six primary classes each unlock exclusive skillsets and abilities at different levels, allowing characters to create unique and unusual combinations that best suit their playing style. Designed from the ground up to be multiclass, this system allows for extremely specialized characters, as well as jacks of all trades.

Alter Aeon consists of over five hundred custom areas. Players start in the Westering Isles and work their way through quests or adventuring independently to reach more difficult regions. Four major continents form the core of the world, with numerous islands and extraplanar realms. Quests range from minor jobs to epic multi-area storylines. New players can start doing quests immediately if they wish. Delve into the lore of the world by exploring, completing quests, talking with people and reading from the hundreds of books of the Great Library.

Other features:

- area instancing to reduce contention for quest objects and mobs

- large userload ranging from 50 to 120+

- clans with member-only channels, boards, rooms, private banking and traders

- registration based player-killing, including clan wars and arenas

- regular system updates and periodic events run by an active staff, including daily advent gifts the whole month of December!

- player created channels, boards and in-game email

- boats and sailing. Some areas can only be reached by boat!

- an account system for handling multiple characters, and a friends list for keeping up to date with your social circle

- global weather with rain and snow, rainbows and blizzards, full moons and meteor showers. Druids can manipulate the weather to cast powerful spells

- four major craft skill trees of woodcrafting, leathercrafting, lapidary and metallurgy, with many minor crafts, brewing skills and enchantments

- extensive resources varying by terrain and region: hundreds of herbs and mushrooms, 90+ kinds of wood, 150+ ores and minerals, over a hundred species of fish. Gather boughs of yew high in the mountains or prospect for turquoise in the desert. Journey to demonic or angelic planes to uncover exotic brewing ingredients and crafting materials.

- credit system for minor conveniences and cosmetic changes for those that wish to donate to the game

We also have options specifically for blind and visually impaired players, including a player-maintained VI client, and an incredible custom client with a built-in mapper and sounds. There are extensive help and informational resources on the web, including our forums, a well-maintained wiki, articles, historical information, help page lookup, shops, guides, and more! We hope to see you there!



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