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Avendar: The Crucible of Legends

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Fantasy Roleplaying
Created Date
January 01, 1998
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Yes, Restricted
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Role Play Enforced (Communication Channels Only)
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  • Based on Character's Level
  • Based on Character's Skill
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World Originality
All Original
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  • In Game
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  • Static
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Generally Adult Oriented

Avendar: The Crucible of Legends is an entirely original fantasy world, with its own unique history, classes, areas, races, and code. Our world history has evolved and developed organically over our 15-plus years of life, and this resounds in every facet of our elaborate and detailed gameworld.

Currently, we have over 24 classes, 10 races, and over 800 skills and spells. Summon demons in unique hermetic rituals, raise drakes from hatchlings, weave unique blends of magic and martial power as any of our templar classes, and much more. Players can adventure and explore in this world, compete invididually or alongside others in the great Houses which fight ideological wars over the control over ten stones of power.

Roleplaying is required at Avendar, and we encourage roleplayers with a detailed pantheon of deities, all culturally linked to the races they represent and offering sample roles in their various sects. (http://www.avendar.net/deities.php) Playerkilling is also highly encouraged; this is a world where ideological conflicts often cannot be stopped with just discussion.

Experience a world where simple descriptions can immerse you instantly. Travail a world filled with intricate puzzles, complex, murky storylines, robust NPC banditry, and riddling imps. Participate in epic quests and story arcs. Back after a six-month downtime, enjoy what Avendar has to offer!

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