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Insomniacs Asylum

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Codebase Details
[Rom] ROM Version 2.4 beta w/many modifications
Host Name
MUD Theme Details
Dream? Reality? Chaos? Who cares, I just went up a level!!
Created Date
August 01, 2004
Average Online
MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Restricted
Equipment Saved?
Quests Available?
Character Approval Required?
ANSI Color?
Role Play Model
Role Play Accepted
Character Progression System
  • Based on Character's Level
  • Based on Character's Skill
Equipment System
  • Level
  • Skill
Clans Offered?
World Originality
Mostly Stock
Number of Rooms in Open Zones
Game Maps
Adult Oriented?
Is your game geared towards adult in any of the following criterion?
  • Alcohol and/or Drugs Available or Referenced
  • General Sexually Oriented Material
  • Graphic or Explicitly Described Violence

We are running on a ROM Version 2.4 beta. Many modifications have been made and it is still a work in progress. We are always looking for serious players to just play, test and/or advance to possibly becoming a builder. Remorting opens up a new selection of classes and races. 

Our custom areas and additions incorporate laid-back, "grown-up" themes & humor like drugs, movies, music, sexual innuendo etc. with classic fantasy and sci-fi themes. 

Player killing (PK) is limited to clans and loners of similar levels. Clans are encouraged, questing is a way of life, rare equipment is dropped by many mobs with more being added all the time. 

Go through mudschool, earn quest points with our newbie-exclusive quests, gain power with powerful newbie-exclusive equipment, use our system wide quest system to gain power with special equipment purchased using quest points, become a strong adventurer, remort to do it all again with new skills, spells and innate abilities, group up with your friends to take on the Balrog and gain powerful equipment to become the ultimate adventurer. 

Also, we are looking for experienced builders who are willing to put time and effort in and also attempt to conform to a unique building style implemented currently. We believe that inspiration 
is the key to good building. 

Role-playing is Highly recommended mainly because it's fun. It is a very laid-back atmosphere where rules are more like guidelines. 

Be crazy, be silly, just be there.

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