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Crimson MUD 2

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Created Date
January 01, 1991
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MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Restricted
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Quests Available?
Scripted Quests
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Role Play Model
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Based on Character's Level
Equipment System
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  • Level
  • Race
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Pay to Play?
100% Free
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World Originality
Mostly Original
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  • Cursing Permitted on Public Channels
  • MUD Sex Prohibited

Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering over 80 zones to explore. It provides 40 mortal levels, and a special Avatar level for those who strive to be the best. A new level is in the works for those who aspire to be the best in PK.

You may find a bonanza of treasures for your own pleasure, friends in unlikely places, maybe even enemies. There are thousands of quests for all to earn many prizes. The Questmaster may turn you into a powerful beast if you show great devotion, even reward you with some of the most powerful equipment in the realm. If you feel you need a group of friends with a common goal, join one of the clans. They will help, guide, and even "promote" you. There are many benefits to being in a clan. Your clannies will guide you, help you when in need, and have a little fun. You can share your great treasures with you clannies or hoard them for yourself.

A wide variety of equipment and spells are available to all levels of player. Our player base spans North America, Australia, Asia and Europe, offering players a wide range of cultures to interact with. There's no rent to hold you back, just quit when you're done and come back and pick right back up.

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