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Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH

Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH


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IDW Transformers
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November 01, 2015
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Megatron has been defeated, and the new Prime, Optimus, aims to rebuild society by creating a new system of government that he promises will not follow in the footsteps of the former corrupt Senate. But will Optimus Prime simply turn into another one of his predecessors over time? What will he do about the ever-diminishing supply of energon? 

Meanwhile, Scorponok has seized control of the Decepticons in Megatron’s absence. Though he has vowed to topple Prime’s new world order, many among the ranks are not fond of his senseless cruelty and iron-fisted rule. What will you choose? Will you stand with Optimus Prime and work to restore order to Cybertron, or will you join the Decepticons and strive to tear it down? 

Will you stand alone? 

Make your choice now. 

Direct your favorite client to mud.themudhost.net port 2005, or click the "Play Now!" button on this page to connect right in your browser. 


Enjoy the perks of playing at The Dark Eras, including: 

==Your Character, Your Way.== 
Our fun and highly customizable combat system lets you design nearly every aspect of your character. Get creative with over a dozen separate stats as well as special attacks & abilities unique to your character! Don't want to bother with number crunching? No worries! Staff will take your suggestions and handle the process for you if desired. 

==Hassle-Free Log Posting.== 
Tired of cleaning up logs? Never worry about copying & pasting huge volumes of text ever again. Logs are now automatically recorded in real-time to an external site and may be published to our wiki with 2 simple clicks. 

==Personalize Your Experience.== 
Customize your UI with our +config options, including border, channel, and pose dialog colors. Set up your personal account to show times and dates in your home timezone, change your password, color-code private messages, and more. 

==Busy? No problem!== 
Choose the character type that fits your schedule. Original (OC) and Supporting Feature Characters (SFC) have no IC time requirements! In addition, SFCs do not require a character write-up. Fill out a quick sign-up form and jump right into the action! No more waiting for approval, and no more stress over idle timeouts! 

==Unlisted Characters.== 
If your favorite feature character isn't on +fclist, guess what? You get to apply for them as any character type (yes, even SFC)! We promise we'll consider your proposition. 

==Less Keyboard Stress.== 
Teleport, join scenes, view character info and more with a single click. 

==Powerful Scene Management Tools.== 
Hit "Enter" too soon? Too many typos? Retract your pose and replace it with a new one. Can't finish a scene in one sitting? No sweat, just +scene/pause it. Keep track of which scenes you've finished, which are in progress, and who was in them. 

==Too Many Favorites?== 
With so many great characters available, it can be hard to pick just one. So don't! In fact, we encourage new and returning players who don't currently have any characters to apply for 2 at once, with 1 in each faction. 

==Instant RP!== 
Still not sure which character is for you? Trial any open character in the Character Development Lab at any time, as long as someone is available to play. No sign-up, no application, and no commitment! 

Follow us on Twitter @TheDarkErasMUSH for more information and updates, or visit our website at transformersthedarkeras.gamepedia.com

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