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Modified Pennmush, Custom Space, Economy, Combat and Medical systems
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The Original Series
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January 01, 2016
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Yes, Restricted
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100% Free
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All Original

TOS TrekMUSH is set in the Star Trek universe shortly after the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The timeline started in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation hasn't happened yet, and we're still living in the universe of Captain Kirk. The Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire and United Federation of Planets are still adversaries, and the universe is up for grabs.

Your character is part of one of these empires. You can join the military of your Empire (like Star Fleet), take part in the economy by farming, mining or building the resources your empire needs to succeed, or strike out on your own and find your own path.

While the ultimate goal here is to allow players to take on whatever adventure they can dream up, for the time being, all empire and career paths outside of Star Fleet are closed. Everyone will start aboard our Star Fleet vessel as one crew. This vessel is on a 5-year mission, like the USS Enterprise in TOS, towards the furthers frontiers of Federation space. This will allow us to grow a core nucleus of players and keep everyone in the same general area for RolePlay. Remember, space is big! We can't let everyone spread out too fast!

**Note** We're looking to fill out this first crew, so positions are open for senior crew members. If you'd like to help out and have experience, let me know.

- Custom 3D Space System.
- Subspace Communications across planets and ships.
- Economy system that allows players to farm, mine and manufactured goods.


This game is a recreation of an awesome game from the 90s/early 2000s called TOS TrekMUSE. That game featured great RolePlay and an amazing Space System. That game went down over 12 years ago and never came back up. Luckily, we have plenty of logs of how everything worked and we were able to recreate a large portion of it.

The server is now based on PennMUSH (thus we call it TrekMUSH), with some fairly heavy customizations to make it feel more like TinyMUSE.


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