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Moments of Hatred

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Moments of Hatred


Codebase Details
[GodWars] Moments of Hatred
Host Name
MUD Theme
MUD Theme Details
Pkilling and Stealing
Created Date
January 03, 2010
Average Online
MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Open PvP
Level-less System?
Class-less System?
Equipment Saved?
ANSI Color?
Role Play Model
Non Roleplay
Character Progression System
Not Applicable
Equipment System
Clans Offered?
Pay to Play?
100% Free
Crafting System?
Create New Items
Player Run Cities?
Conquest System Offered?
Screen Reader Friendly?
World Originality
Mostly Stock
Adult Oriented?
Is your game geared towards adult in any of the following criterion?
General Sexually Oriented Material

Back in development seeing as Legends of Hatred the successor to this MUD has halted.

We have players from the last time the MUD was running too... :)

Moments of Hatred was originally created by Jaden in 2010, this is the continuation of that MUD.

We feature the following classes: Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Mage, Highlander, Drow, Monk and Ninja.

Along with the following remort classes:

Tadao Ninja/Demon Satan's Assassin

Susumu Ninja/Drow Susumu

Tachikawa Ninja/Monk Shinobi

Seibei Ninja/Werewolf Shadow Lycan

Yamashita Ninja/Mage Yamashita

Seiji Ninja/Vampire Seiji

Merihim Demon/Drow Lloth's Servant

Abigor Demon/Monk Shaolin Fiend

Azazel Demon/Werewolf Hound of Hell

Leonard Demon/Mage Nephandi

Lillith Demon/Vampire Blood Demon

Hattchen Monk/Drow D'Ilmater

Aelfric Monk/Werewolf Oozaru

Kensai Monk/Mage Kensai

Slake Monk/Vampire Slake

Adin Drow/Werewolf Lycoth's Homid

Maerdyn Drow/Mage MaerDyn

Khalla Drow/Vampire Darkling

Weremage Werewolf/Mage Skindancer

Abomination Werewolf/Vampire Abomination

Gehenna Vampire/Mage Lich

If you played this MUD back in 2011 your P-file MAY still exist... This is the sister mud to Legends of Hatred (which is currently in stasis and can be found @ godwars.net 3500)

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