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The Beast Within: Reborn

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January 01, 2017
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Yes, Open PvP
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Auto Quests
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Not Applicable
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100% Free
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Create New Items
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World Originality
Mostly Original
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Generally Adult Oriented

The Beast Within is a legendary PvP mud that has just been rehosted in early 2020. It features over two dozen well balanced and unique classes, tight, skill based PvP, a colorful and unique world, and a large variety of game systems and achievements to enjoy.

Connect here, or join us otherwise at tbwmud.com:5353!

* 26 classes (14 stock, 12 Unique to TBW)
* In-game modifiers for XP, QP, Status, Gambling, Damcap, and more
* The Madness Maze
* Player crafted Chaos and Rune Equipment
* Legions and Professions
* PK Quests, Quest Cards (improved), Sacrifice Bonuses, Exp Converting
* Tradeskills
* Heavily Modified areas and zones

Code Revision includes
* In game Real-Time Fight Code Database
* Built-in Debug Mode
* Corrupt Pfile Detection
* Anti-Crash measures
* Revised Imm power structure (powers apply to jobs)
* Reworked fight code for reduced CPU/MEM Time

Classes include
Angel Bandit Battlemages Cyclops
Demon Dragon Drow Elemental warrior
Giant Grendel Hadenman Investigator
Jedi Lich Metapsychic Monk
Ninja Samurai Shapeshifter Spellfyre
Spiderdroid Tanarri Undead knight Vampire
Warlord Werewolf

As it's a brand new launch, now is a great time to join us. Come experience what is in our opinion the best PvP mud that ever ran, at tbwmud.com:5353 !

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