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Tsunami MUD

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July 14, 2019
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Yes, Open PvP
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Based on Character's Level
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100% Free
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All Original
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Originally created in 1990, Tsunami boasts a long history with a dedicated and loyal playerbase. Tsunami is much more than a game, it is a community around a game with players from all over the world still logging on two decades after they first logged in. It has a unique experience spending system so you choose how your character develops while you explore over 15,000 rooms in the world that will challenge you with mazes, quests, hidden objects, and uniquely challenging NPC's. To aid you in your exploration, you have the option of choosing from over 50 different subclasses for a unique experience with each character you login. The PvP system caters to both hardcore and casual players and is completely optional. Every so often, the MUD will vote on starting a War. Wars have been consistently rated by players as the most fun aspect of the game. They are completely beneficial and provide an excellent way to interact with the playerbase and friends to see who is best of the best. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and login. Players and Wizards are standing by ready to help you quickly understand the game and dive into all it has to offer. If you want to know what the epitome of a great game is, look no further.



*Player owned housing

*Player owned shops

*A Battleground/War System

*Heavily Customised Classes

*Free to Play

*Complex Questing System

*Private Player owned channels

*Customised Colour system for your RGB needs

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