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Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI

Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI

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We have created a vast, breathtakingly beautiful and stunningly detailed rendition of Tolkien's masterpiece. Originally opening in the year 2911 of the Third Age, Shadows of Isildur features the epic conflict between Laketown, the remote human settlement upon the waters of the fabled Long Lake and the ever-growing presence of evil that is slowly migrating northwards from Dol Guldur. The blackness of Dol Guldur has spread, reaching as far north as the Mountains of Mirkwood, delving deep in the abandoned mines of the once-great Dwarvish Kingdom. With Player Characters (PCs) in both areas, intense player-driven storylines are rife with conflict, strife, and heart-pounding rushes of adrenaline. 

We are currently in our Alpha phase and every day our dedicated staff adds more features, come and join us or rejoin us today!


Codebase Details
RPI Engine/ARPI Engine Derived
MUD Theme
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Tolkien-based MUD
Created Date
September 01, 2002
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MultiPlaying Allowed?
Player Killing Allowed?
Yes, Restricted
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Class-less System?
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ANSI Color?
Role Play Model
Role Play Enforced (RPI)
Character Progression System
Based on Character's Skill
Clans Offered?
Is Your MUD Hiring?
Crafting System?
Create New Items
Screen Reader Friendly?
World Originality
All Original
Number of Rooms in Open Zones
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Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI

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An excellent community with a near-perfect game.

Shadows of Isildur is a roleplay-intensive game that stands out for its top-notch community, helpful staff, and active roleplay. It suffers from a small game world and a code system that is expansive but could still use a little more polish. The crafting system stands out as being extensive and extremely customizable, with the potential for many different types of crafts and designs. Crafts are also used to interact with the world in different ways, giving you a chance to fish, flush out small animals from burrows, and gather fruits and berries from trees. Though the community is somewhat on the small side, everyone is OOCly friendly and willing to roleplay. ICly, attitudes can vary, which brings variety to the game world and injects a lot of personality into the cast of characters that are around. Overall, Shadows of Isildur is a fun game to play.

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