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mud.harshlands.net ( port 5555

Harshlands is a FREE roleplay intensive, skills-based MUD set on the island of Harn (Columbia Games). Standard 'hack and slash' play is seriously dissuaded, with levels, classes 
and experience points non-existent. Players can choose to pursue careers, including herbalist, journeyman craftsmen, soldier,criminal, clery, law enforcer and many more. 

Players proving to be skilled and dedicated are offered choices that include shop ownership, master level craftsmanship, nobility and many advanced professions. For those unfamiliar with Harn, it is a world based on a composite of 9th-12th century Britain. The world has over 16,000 original rooms in smoothly integrated universally consistant zones, ten deities, five human ethnic and cultural groups, and three non-human races selectable by players of proven ability. 

While the thrust and focus of the game is serious roleplay, the world remains a deadly and harsh environment, where life is risky and death is permanent. Recently upgraded code includes account system, wound-based combat system with wound treatment/infection code, upgraded AI, crafts, and numerous small refinements to promote RP.


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January 01, 1994
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Yes, Open PvP
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Role Play Enforced (RPI)
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Based on Character's Skill
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100% Free
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All Original
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After a Month

Game Mechanics: The crafting and combat systems are in-depth, well thought out and quite a few craft-sets rely on others which encourages PCs to seek one another out and work together. At first the monopoly on craft guilds and crafts in the Mangai made me go mental with confusion. After a bit of playing around with it and the market(s) I realized it was balancing out a breath economy in-game which was refreshing and different compared to most other games where there really isn't something like this.

Pro: Lots of crafts. You can learn other skills by RP with other PCs who have said skill. It logs the RP session and is submitted to Staff for you. This lets you expand your character beyond the limitations of Character Generation. You are never going to be bored task wise. There is always something to do.
Con: Productivity. This greatly diminishes what you CAN do in a week because some Crafts cost 30+ Productivity points meaning you can only run said craft 3 times in a week and little else. I get that this is to diminish spam-crafting but its also a deterrent to being exceptionally active. It encourages the log-in, craft, log-out because I cannot do squat else mentality.

Feature Set: Lots of crafting and skills features. There are things still not implemented even years after there were talks of such things like Taming, Seafaring, etc. One of my favorite aspects is RPP because the first Thursday of every month they do an RPP review for every active PC. The more you RP, the more likely you are to get RPP. This also counts for solo-rp. Emote it up, baby. One Con is that it is hard to make money and it can be very confusing for new players on how to use the OOC exchange system.

Game World: Huge. You have so many options. If you want to be super social, go to Tashal. If you want to be gritty, go to Trobridge. If you want to just craft or hunt and not be bothered by politics or drama, well, go to Orbaal! Crafts and new building features seem to be going in all the time. I do wish there were more players and more opportunities within nobility roles.

Community: Quiet but polite. The game has an Ochat and an Hchat that for the most part are very helpful for new players who want to ask questions without using Petition or hunting down things on the forums. The forums are difficult to navigate if you want to 'Search'. Make sure you tweak the search to specify the Harshlands subforum or you're going to be sifting through information that doesn't always pertain to the game as it shares with the rest of Lythia/Harn world.

Staff: Quiet, unintrusive, and answer Petitions regularly. I gave it a 3 not because Staff are mean or anything, but because they just don't feel a 'part' of the community other than mechanics behind the scenes. I would love to see more RPTs, animations, and interaction with them that makes the game feel alive.

Role Play: Alot of great Role-Players when you can track them down and get them to play with you. Some are eager to welcome you while others prefer to stick to their usual crowd.

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