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Zelda RPG - Formerly Triforce MUCK

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The Legend of Zelda
Created Date
February 21, 2000
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Yes, Restricted
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  • Auto Quests
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Based on Character's Skill
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100% Free
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  • Create New Items
  • Custom
  • Custom Descriptions Allowed
  • Modify Existing Items
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Mostly Stock
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  • Graphical
  • In Game
  • Offline / Web Site
  • Player Made
Zelda RPG, previously known as Triforce MUCK, is a text-based online roleplaying game based on the Legend of Zelda series that allows for both real-time and asynchronous roleplay.

It’s neither a forum nor a MU, it’s something in between. We use Slack, a chatting tool that allows you to pose in real time or to leave your pose there so that another player will reply later. That might sound like a forum, but you can also run commands (like a MU*) that will allow you to see a character’s or room’s description and picture, pose anonymously (or, in some cases, as a different character), check a character’s inventory, history, pinfo, etc.

ROLEPLAY -- We support a very versatile roleplay system, where characters can interact and truly feel a part of Hyrule.

SETTING -- it is set in both Hyrule (from Ocarina of Time) and Termina, but incorporates elements from all games, including Breath of the Wild. As far as when, it is set after the end of Ocarina of Time, but we created a different timeline where adult Link does not back in time and just continues living in Hyrule.

MAGIC AND FCs -- Characters from all Zelda games are allowed, including the FCs. We have quite a few FCs open (from all Zelda games) that can be played in Hyrule and Termina. We also allow characters to gain magic an other abilities through roleplay.



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