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The Rules Here on MUDListings basically boil down to four things:

  1. No Pornographic, Obscene, or Illegal Content
  2. Obey the Rules of Each Board
  3. We Were All New Once
  4. No Hate Speech/Discrimination


1. No Pornographic, Obscene, or Illegal Content

The staff does not welcome material nor links to material that is not generally community appropriate, such as obscene/pornographic content, nor links to such content. The staff will necessarily apply subjective interpretation of what falls in those categories.

MUDListings.com respects the intellectual property rights of others and will work with third parties to protect their rights where necessary. When we receive a report of forum posts containing IP infringement we will promptly remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing content. We will also terminate the accounts of repeat infringers in appropriate circumstances.

These rules are in place for the protection of the community and the site from a legal standpoint, and they are not debatable.

2. Obey the Rules of Each Board

Some of the boards have rules specifying the content of posts allowed there. Please follow those rules. Moderators may move a thread if it is more appropriate for a different board.  Generally speaking, follow rules specific to each board and keep post topics in the appropriate subforum.

3. We Were All New Once

We want to encourage previously silent lurkers and people new to MUDing to be active participants. This means everyone needs to help contribute to an atmosphere where they feel they can ask questions and make posts without being attacked, insulted, or having their every post dissected.

An example would be a new member posting in General Discussion asking how to get CircleMUD to run on Windows.

An example of what not to say:

"Install cygwin, dumbass, or learn Linux. And post in the right f’ing forum."

A better way to respond would be:

"You have a couple of options. You could attempt to use Cygwin, or learn Linux. And just so you know, posts about getting your first MUD up and running are best put under the Mud Administration forum."

And then report the post so a moderator can move it, if one of us hasn’t caught it already.

4. No Hate Speech / Discrimination

Any content posted on this site can not contain anything resembling hate speech, including but not limited to discriminatory comments about: race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, physical or mental illness.  This does not preclude discussion about the above, so long as persons are not attacked, or maliciously joked about on the basis of these items.


We obviously can't create rules that will cover every possible situation of potential abuse, nor do we want to.  Please make an effort to be civil and not partake in trolling or excessive flaming.  We will do our best in letting threads resolve of their own accord, provided things don't get too out of hand.  When we do intervene we'll attempt to do so in the least invasive way possible with the intention to diffuse the situation and retain users.  Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns with the rules or rule enforcement.  There is also a Report This button on each forum post page.