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d20MUD 6th Year Anniversary Event



Start Date
January 15, 2019
Start Time
End Date
February 18, 2019
End Time
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d20MUD: Star Wars turns 6 years old this January, with the d20MUD codebase as a whole enjoying its 14th anniversary.


To celebrate we're giving a 25% boost to experience gains.  We also opened up a new end game zone: the abandoned research station in Dantooine space.  You'll need to hop into your star ship to get there, and bring along at least two of your friends.


The opening of this zone has also introduced a new means of progression in the game: gear boosting.  End game zones drop datachips that can be used on your gear to level them up and increase the bonuses they apply.


We're also well underway with our new faction joining system.  The Empire quest line is complete, with Rebels and Cartels to be done in the next couple of weeks.


Hope to see you on the game :)




Play: http://play.d20mud.com/

Mobile: http://mobile.d20mud.com/

Web: http://www.d20mud.com/


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